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Cooking with celebrities – what can go wrong?

Even celebrity chefs have managed to crush a lot of dishes, blow up cakes inside the oven and a lot more. They are human like just, just human. And as such, mistakes occur, accidents happen, stuff can blow up, emotions can get overheated.

Whether it will happen in the second season of Food Network Rachael vs Guy: Celebrity Cook Off is still to be seen. The wait for the premiere is creating mixed feelings and nervousness of the celebrity cooks will reach its peak on January 6th at 9pm ET/PT when the second season is premiering.

And there’s a reason to be nervous, the first season’s premier was watched by more than 3 and a half million viewers, ranking the show 3rd in cable rating that night.

This year the show is back with Guy Fieri going against Rachel Ray to determine who of them is the best cooking mentor. They will both have their own teams put together of celebrities such as Chilli, Gilbert Gottfried, Cornelia Guest, Dean McDermott,Kathy Najimy, Hines Ward, Carnie Wilson and Johnny Weir, each of whom is cooking and fighting to win $50 000 to their chosen charity.

“We are upping the ante this season, with eight new celebrity contestants, thrilling challenges and great humor,” said Rachel Ray. “Rachael’s like family, and when we go into the show, our sibling rivalry comes out. It’s fierce, but we have a blast,” Guy Fieri added.

So don’t forget to tune in for the Rachael vs Guy Celebrity Cook Off on January 6th at 9pm ET/PT, 2013.

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